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1948 Aljoa Sportsman Model 12

FOR SALE only with American Travelers full restoration!


Are you looking to hit the back roads and travel and don't want a heavy trailer weighing you down? Or do you maybe just want a little get away for you to relax in? Well we have the perfect little trailer for you! An adorable Aljoa!


While she might look like a hot mess right now, but with a little imagination, and a ton of hard work (on our end), this incredibly rare find could be exactly what you’re looking for! This “canned ham,” still has the original Aljoa name, complete with the distinct slanted window on the front door! Aljo trailers migrated across the US, eventually growing into the second-largest trailer brand in the nation by 1957, and now you can own it, with complete restorations! While this Aljoa Sportsman Model 12 might be small, the possibilities for restorations are endless! We can even include a bathroom complete with a toilet, as well as room for 2-3 people to sleep! Perfect for any road trip!



10 ft body w/o hitch

12 ft body w/ hitch

Width: 6ft 6in

Inside height: 6ft

Ground to top height: 7ft 6in

Sleeps 2-3 people

Closet/ Bathroom area- and toilet can be installed if wanted!

Compact and lightweight- perfect for vintage vehicle towing or a small SUV


Aljoa Photos
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