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    About  Us

          My name is Brooke Bickler, I have grown up around antiques and vintage things my whole life; including vintage trailers; which my family and I would go camping in almost every weekend as a kid. Back then it was all my family could afford. Most of my memories growing up are somehow related to vintage trailers. Eventually, we upgraded to newer trailers with a few more upgraded amenities. Though my love and admiration for caravans and vintage trailers had never ended. The first trailer I rebuilt was my 1969 Shasta Compact which I call Penny. I was only 19 years old when I took on the challenge, and I have been obsessed with vintage trailers ever since.

           I believe restoring trailers has always been my calling  There is nothing I love and enjoy more than working on an old trailer. We want, and hope that everyone who has a vintage trailer enjoys and loves going on adventures and making memories; just as much as we have loved and enjoyed bringing these American beauties back to life and back on the open road.

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