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Custom Vintage Trailer Awnings 

We are currently working on a price chart. Please contact us for more information on ordering a custom awning and for a price.

Thank You  

Info we will need from you 

​Help us speed up the process, by knowing the answers to these questions. If you don't know the answers, or aren't sure about your answer it's alright, these questions are just here to help us guide you to the perfect awning for your trailer! 

  • Year and make of your trailer?

  • Length of your trailer?

  • Height of your trailer?

  • Awning size?

  • Do you have an awning rail on your trailer?

  • If yes, how long is your awning rail?

  • If no, would you like us to include the awning rail? If yes, how long is the body of your trailer?

  • Do you have a color or fabric in mind? 

  • Will you be ordering poles and ropes from us? 

  • Is your order going to be a local pick up or will it need to be shipped? We are located in Southern California. We could also arrange for a drop off/ pick up order if we are going to be traveling near you.

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