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1. Contact Us

We are here to make your dreams a reality, but we aren't psychics.  So, we need you to pick up a phone give us a call, or shoot us an email, so that we can start the process of making your dream trailer come true.   Are you looking to hit the back roads and travel? A functional and comfortable space to take the family camping? Sick and tired for over paying for rent and want to live a simple life in a tiny home? Want a fun place to entertain friends? Perhaps just a place for you to relax in or provide a comfortable space for guests to stay in? Want to have a nice office space or a mobile business that can instantly attract attention from customers?



2. Give us the Details

What do you plan on doing with your trailer? Are you looking to hit the back roads and travel?

Want a fun place to entertain friends? Perhaps, just a place for you to relax in?

Do you want a functional and comfortable space to take the family camping? Or do you want a nice office space or a mobile business that can instantly attract attention for customers?


Once we know what you are looking to use the trailer for we can begin to discuss details and key elements that will help us design the perfect trailer that will suit your all your needs and fulfill your dreams. We might even already have the perfect trailer for you.


Things to start thinking about: 

Trailer sizes, body styles / shapes, age of the trailer, weight (or how much your car can tow), bathroom, appliances, how many it will need to sleep, type of layout/ configuration you would like, solar, battery converters. Detail is important to us. We want to know everything you have in mind or need. So we can help achieve your dream.

Or, perhaps you already have a trailer and you'd like to fix up a few things, great! We would love to know more about it and see photos so we can guide you through refurbishment. We will spend time discussing physical characteristics, functionality, and what matters most to you.

3. Budget Estimate & detailed specifications.

What's your budget?

We will create a detailed list on all the estimated expenses of materials and parts specifically for your project. We will also combine the estimated hours of labor the project will require. We will break down and categorize the budget into a refined list based on your budget and schedule. And, upon your approval and agreement we will come to an agreement on a payment method.


However, we initially need the material and parts expenses up front before starting the project. While labor expenses can be paid in segments throughout the project. All expenses must be paid in full before the trailer is handed back over to you.  

4. Design

Now here comes the really fun part! Some however find this decision making step a little more stressful. Not to worry though we are here to help make your dreams come true on every aspect of the trailer we can. We have keen skills when it comes to design, colors and layouts. We like to communicate and collaborate as much as possible; which is a key element in mastering the perfect design and style that makes you flourish, but also functions with your lifestyle. We enjoy spending the extra time with you in going to the hardware store to help pick out colors and finishes, flooring, counter tops, light fixtures and whatever else the trailer may be in need of, even upholstery and other design elements that will help make your dream trailer a reality. 

5. Go at IT

Then we dig in, rip it apart, clean it, repair it, build it, cut it, paint it, seal it, fix it and install it.

6. When its all said and done 

We will set a completion date and invite you over to reveal your “new” vintage trailer. We will walk you through and teach you hands on how to properly set up and use your trailer.   

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