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1952 Cardinal 


This is the oldest known Cardinal trailer out there to be intact. So this cute little trailer is in fact RARE and historically valuable!

I have had the honor of saving such a valuable piece of trailer history by brining this trailer back to life. It has been rebuilt with new wood panels, framing, electrical, cabinets, screen door, chalk board door, laminate wood floors and much more. It has been kept to the original lay out and dimensions. Updated appliances, gas stove/cook top, and an electric refrigerator. New amp and breaker. The water is a direct line from the outside. No bathroom, no AC, no heater. The trailer has been resealed everywhere!!! And does not leak!!! New upholstery and curtains with custom made pillows to match. Trailer can sleep 4 adults. Decor and accessories do come with the trailer. newer tires. The exterior has been sand blasted and painted with a high quality auto grade paint. This cutie needs a good home with someone who is going to enjoy it just as much as I have enjoyed restoring it. it is a real head turner and will get a ton of attention!!

This trailer is the oldest know Cardinal to have survived many years. We have yet to find one any older, but continue looking. The Cardinal Trailer Company was established in 1951. We found this trailer sitting in a ranchers field, “dyeing” along with many other vehicles and equipment. The ranchers mother was the original owner. She had bought the trailer on March 27,1952 at a dealership down in San Diego CA. for $850. which was a lot of money for a recently widowed mother. The sons had to continue the ranch work that their father once did, and drive the cattle on horse back. The boys would use the trailer as lodging for cattle drives and hunting trips. In the mid 60’s one of the sons lived in the trailer for a few semesters while attending law school at UCSD. Finishing his law degree he made other living arrangements. From then on the 1952 Cardinal had sat in the field, until the day I brought the poor little trailer home on October 30, 2015. The owners were ecstatic to find out that I was one of the granddaughters of their old friend; who passed away several years ago. It is indeed a small world!

we named the trailer Rusty because it is made out of thin steel paneling and had a rusted roof, which fortunately later cleaned up nicely with sand blasting and a new paint job. but not all the trailer was salvageable because the pack rats in the fields had seamed to occupy the trailer for many years, destroying the interior. So it was striped down and rebuilt using fresh new wood. We were able to save some but not all of the cabinet doors. After stripping the trailers exterior rust and silver paint a shadowed outline was reviled of the original paint job and colors which we then repainted.

The Story 

Trailering the the trailer home.

I am often working on trailers by myself. Therefore I have to come up with some interesting and innovative solutions to complete a two person job.

The original rails were in rough shape. But luckily I live just a few blocks from “Hemet RV and Siding” so getting new rails or new panels is an easy task.

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